You would think that being that I have my phone on me pretty much at all times that I would update my blog more often.. But as always, I’ll forget to do it once, then it just snowballs till it’s months later.

I miss doing the interviews but that might be part of why I don’t blog, who knows. Since the last time I wrote, I’ve helped get a ministry started. It’s called the Battleground. We host bands and have teens come in to hear the music and the Word. It’s come together quite well. God has put many pieces together to help us to have an amazing ministry in just a few months. Of course the devil is trying to get his hands all over it in any way he can.. He’s such a punk. We continue to press on and make the best of it and keep our armor on and ready for battle.

I’ll try to keep this going this time, it’s not like it’s difficult. I’m paying for this, might as well use it. Haha.

Suit up.. The battle is ON!