Well folks, another year has passed since I put out the “plea for help”. God has called me to make another trip to Nicaragua this year, but this time I am taking my oldest daughter Lexi with me. She has been asking (begging/pleading) for a couple years now to go, but I had to wait till I thought she would be ready to go. That being said, the cost doubles from what it was last year.

Our goal to raise this year will be $2500. This covers everything we will need for the trip. Plane tickets, food, shelter, everything. Our first deposit is due at the beginning of April so we can be sure to get the plane tickets early. That cost is $1500. The rest is due a little bit later. The trips have been amazing the past two years. The first year was the “take it all in/ culture shock” year. I was able to help do what we needed to do, but it was just all brand new to me. Last year was better because not only did I feel more comfortable to participate, I was able to get a ton of video footage (so I could make the video below for our church). I wish I could explain it all, the different people you meet in the villages, the kids faces when you play with them, or when you get to give them a pair of flip-flops. Then to see their excitement to get their hot bowl of food, just phenomenal.

I don’t want to get into everything, but please, if you feel led to do so, donate and help us go this year. We are looking forward to serving down there again in whatever means is needed. If you want to see what it was like to go there, again, watch the video below.

You can donate this year straight to the church and they will keep track of it. You can go online to https://mycornerstone.org/online-giving/  Click on the “Click Here to Give Online” Button at the top. In the Give To drop down, choose “Mission Trip Support” and in the notes section put NICA-EUGENE & LEXI MCCURDY

I’ll update as the time gets closer as to how it’s going. For now, anything you can give will be awesome and greatly appreciated!