Ok. So the title makes it seem like I do all the laundry in the house. Truth be told.. Nope I don’t (I know..big surprise) but what I hate is that somehow our dryer doesn’t work. It worked just fine before we moved. But now.. No dice. The landlord put in a plug for 240 (ie old 220) and we’ve got juice to the back of the dryer, but it won’t turn on. I drives me crazy. Not as much as my wife who has been hanging almost all the clothes up around the house. With three kids and cloth diapers, it’s an every day job.

My wife called an appliance repair man that’s like a block away but he doesn’t make house calls…which makes no sense. I would have to borrow a truck and get help to take it down from our upstairs apartment and then pay him 25 bucks to look at it..then buy a part and try to fix it, or pay him to.. Wait…hahahahahaha NO. So right now this all puts me sitting at the laundromat drying towels cause that’s the one thing of laundry that we can’t have crusty and crispy. Fun fun stuff. Oh and you only get 5 minutes per quarter in the dryers. And you can’t just put more than one in at a time. You still only get your five minutes. Ok so nothing about Jesus in this…well I went to church today..and I can’t think of how to tie this rant into something about Jesus. Sorry. I’ll writ another blog about what’s going on while I wait for this all to dry.

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