So, day three of the bible study / devotional. It talks about the point in Genesis where Adam and Eve were told by God about the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. It was talking about how it wasn’t an opportunity for God to see if His creation would screw up, it was an opportunity for them to draw in closer and to see if they would just simply trust. There’s that word again “simple”. 

If you ask just about anyone these days if it’s simple to just trust anyone, you would get a resounding NO. There are days where I even struggle with it. It boils down to the times we have let our guard down and trusted someone, and got burnt. Sometimes it’s like match burnt and sometimes it’s like full-body sunburn burnt. Either way it tends to slowly cause a wall to be built to where new people have to go through the ranks in order to be allowed on the same side of the wall as us. 

The problem is that we also tend to build up a wall against God as well. We act like He’s human and that He is going to hurt us. I can tell you from experience that God is not hurtful. He is not out to get your trust and then demolish you. He simply (yes there it is again) wants to love you, and to show you how life with full reliance on Him is the best thing for you.

I know there’s the “then why did so-and-so die, and why are there starving children??” There are usually back stories and consequences from past generations that cause things like that to happen. As far as death goes, there’s a one out of one chance you will die too, at least physically here on Earth. Every person has their time. God assigns that time and while we are here we have choices to make that effect where we go in the end. We have free will to choose God or choose Hell. That’s the black and white version of it. 

What I want to do is like the title says, be vulnerable to God, let Him have my trust, and the control on my life. It’s not an easy thing to do. I’m a control freak and I have come by it naturally, but in order to have a rewarding life here, I have to let God have it and just hang on for the ride. He will put me where I need to be, because He sees the whole picture of my life and what He needs me to be doing, from season to season, till the day He takes me home with Him. You should try to do the same.  Oh and try chicken and waffles, it’s pretty good.