Well it’s been a long long time since I have had much change going on around here.. Jes and I have been praying for what God would have us to be doing next. We felt like we’d be moving, but didn’t know where or when. We had a few choices, but wanted to make sure God was in it. There’s west, back to tennessee, east toward wilmington, or north closer to my family. We were up visiting my family last weekend, which turned out crazy with the foot of snow that we got up there, but before and after the snow, we decided to just take a look around and see what all was up there.

We spent a few days looking around close to town, cause I really didn’t want to live in the “sticks” like both of my sisters do. I’m not one for traveling 20-30 minutes to get to anything. We looked at some mobile homes, but they were so far out that we didn’t even have a signal enough to send a text message..that would be a negative. We looked at an apartment that was amazingly clean and had cable included and everything, but being that it was an apartment, I kept it in my back pocket as back up in case something else didn’t work out.

So then we find an ad for a 3 bedroom, 1 bath HOUSE with a  den! So we called and the lady said that she was in Florida, but there were people still there and that they could possibly show it to us, but it wouldn’t be that day, but that we could drive past and at least take a look at the outside. So yah, WOW, it looked amazing. Plus there was an empty lot on the one side of it! Privacy!! I might get to play my drums! So we called the owner back and told her that we would love to go in and see the inside. We tried not to get our hopes up cause the inside could be total crap, but seeing the outside, it was worth taking the chance.

The following Monday we were able to get in and take a look. It was perfect for us. The den was huge! There’s a huge deck on the back of the house! Hardwood floors in most of it, already painted nice from the current renters, etc..etc..and etc.. So we prayed that if it wasn’t meant to be, then have God close the doors and lock them tight. We waited a bit and called the lady back, and she said it wasn’t taken, so we told her that we’d absolutely be interested. She said she had checked out our one reference person that we gave her, which was my sister’s landlord (in that area, it’s all about “who you know) and come to find out, she went to high school with him! So it was all just playing out and we just knew that we were supposed to be there.  So in a month, we’ll be moving! Oh and I forgot to mention that it’s cheaper rent, plus my wife will be watching my niece and nephew which will pay for most of that rent! I’ll still be able to do the small bit of contract work from there and everything! God is awesome! So that’s what’s going on!

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