Busy Busy Busy..ok not really

Busy Busy Busy..ok not really

Ok, so now I’ve been here in VA for a little while..so where have I been? What have I been doing? I’m so glad you asked. I’ve been building up my business. It’s been going pretty good too. So far (for other people) I’ve done 4 myspace pages, 2 splash page websites, a website renovation for a youth club, a blog, a renovated floor plan, and some Research and Development stuff for some mechanical parts. For myself? A carport business website, a myspace page for my business, and retouched my regular business website.

So you need links to all of these? How bout I send you to my site so you can look at them all? You can go to www.twentypointnine.com right now and go to the “website design” page and go from there!  I’ll try my best to keep it updated with everything that I’m doing, plus maybe do a special blog for each new site..oh yah speaking of here’s the newest creation:

I know..it’s big, but I wanted you to get the full effect of it. Think of it this way, at least I didn’t add all the comments. Anyway, this here is BLOODLINE SEVERED. It’s an amazing band out of the Winston-Salem, NC area. They are brutal metal man. They call their “genre” some other name, but that’s my opinion of it. I’ve known these guys for a few years now, even from previous bands and it’s amazing to see what they’ve done over the years. They are out there keeping Christ’s name alive in the metal scene. They have amazing hearts and a passion to do what they are called to do.

I’m not just saying all of this because I did their myspace. Like I said, I’ve known them for a long time and it’s what I see. I call it as I see it (if you read what I write you should know this by now). They’ll also be playing at the Upper Room in Statesville where I volunteer on the 22nd of May (2010) So if you get the chance, get out there! Support them! You won’t regret it.

Ok, so what am I doing next? I know you were wondering..so I’ll tell you. I’ll be working on a site for a band called Salida7. They’re out of New Jersey. They saw my work on Douglas Solera’s and Oscar Carias’ sites and they emailed me about working with them on revamping their site. I’ll keep you up to date as best I can. It’s really hectic around here, but don’t let that fool you..I STILL NEED MORE WORK. So if you need a website, myspace page, blog, or even some CAD stuff, just let me know! Or if you have anyone you know that needs something..pass my name on!

In Him.



So you may be wondering what the title means. It means that I went to a unbelievably amazing show last thursday. (The letters are abbreviations of the bands) Titled under the name “The Abominable SnowTour” it came out melting my face off. The night started off with a few songs from an amazing local band called Embracing Goodbye. I’ve known at least one of the guys from back in the day, but didn’t really know that much of the band. Wow..I was just blown away by their sound. It was southern hardcore metal or something like that (can’t keep up with all the “genres” now)

Next came The Great Commission. Their music and ministry are second to very few. They a deep sound that even included a female background vocalist that had a pretty deep growl. They took time to share the gospel and boy did they ever! It was great. I do want to mention the next band that played,  Lionheart. They are a secular (non-Christian) band, but I still did like the music. I’m just not big on cussing anymore. To each their own, it’s not my place to judge..that’s God’s job and ONLY God’s job.

So anyway..back to the show..Living Sacrifice! To quote Martin Lawrence from his show: “DANG GINA!!” (anyone remember that one?) They came out with guns a-blazing! I wish I could tell you all the songs they played, but they mixed it up. Little old, Little new, a lot freaking awesome! I did have to make mention of Bruce telling the crowd to come in closer cause there wouldn’t be any of the “kung-fu” dancing going on. Speaking of Bruce:

So anyway, they brought the metal onslaught. It was great. Then came War of Ages. The kung-fu dancing came back again. Dude..let me just tell you blew me away (the music, not so much the dancing..I’ve seen better) WoA brought it down, again they played some new (even brand new) and some old. I stayed safely to the side as to not get knocked out by some of the rather large guys dancing and going nuts. I watched the drummer (Alex) from the side. He proceeded to lick the drum stick as he was playing, and he saw me laugh about it so he was switching out what he was doing here and there while he played the half-time beats. Throwing the stick..etc…you get the hint. So they ended the show and apparently there was an after-party that no one knew about except Alex..while he was tearing his drums down the sound man decided to play some sweet dance music, and Alex decided to have a little fun with it..and I was there to catch it on video (only with his permission of course):

I won!

I won!

I thought that the HM Magazine contest was over, but boy was I wrong. After a couple of just “not so good” days of my computer crashing, my starter going out on the car, then a full day of rain so that I can’t even work on the car, I checked my email last night..and I won. I had entered their contest promoting the new Living Sacrifice album (which I still don’t have the money to buy) which required me to change my profile pic to their cd cover and add one of their songs to my player..but I went the extra mile.  Here’s a screen shot of what I did:

Well apparently they liked it, and decided that I should be one of 5 winners across the US that wins both 2 tix to the show, plus a t-shirt! I’m so stoked..and I don’t even usually use that word! I’ve been an LS fan since back in 98′ or so, so you get the drift. I was really hoping to get to go the show..but now I KNOW that I’m going to get to go. I love how God will bring in small stuff like this to help pick you up when things go bad in life. Now I just have to figure out who is going with me…

Big News..

Well it’s been a long long time since I have had much change going on around here.. Jes and I have been praying for what God would have us to be doing next. We felt like we’d be moving, but didn’t know where or when. We had a few choices, but wanted to make sure God was in it. There’s west, back to tennessee, east toward wilmington, or north closer to my family. We were up visiting my family last weekend, which turned out crazy with the foot of snow that we got up there, but before and after the snow, we decided to just take a look around and see what all was up there.

We spent a few days looking around close to town, cause I really didn’t want to live in the “sticks” like both of my sisters do. I’m not one for traveling 20-30 minutes to get to anything. We looked at some mobile homes, but they were so far out that we didn’t even have a signal enough to send a text message..that would be a negative. We looked at an apartment that was amazingly clean and had cable included and everything, but being that it was an apartment, I kept it in my back pocket as back up in case something else didn’t work out.

So then we find an ad for a 3 bedroom, 1 bath HOUSE with a  den! So we called and the lady said that she was in Florida, but there were people still there and that they could possibly show it to us, but it wouldn’t be that day, but that we could drive past and at least take a look at the outside. So yah, WOW, it looked amazing. Plus there was an empty lot on the one side of it! Privacy!! I might get to play my drums! So we called the owner back and told her that we would love to go in and see the inside. We tried not to get our hopes up cause the inside could be total crap, but seeing the outside, it was worth taking the chance.

The following Monday we were able to get in and take a look. It was perfect for us. The den was huge! There’s a huge deck on the back of the house! Hardwood floors in most of it, already painted nice from the current renters, etc..etc..and etc.. So we prayed that if it wasn’t meant to be, then have God close the doors and lock them tight. We waited a bit and called the lady back, and she said it wasn’t taken, so we told her that we’d absolutely be interested. She said she had checked out our one reference person that we gave her, which was my sister’s landlord (in that area, it’s all about “who you know) and come to find out, she went to high school with him! So it was all just playing out and we just knew that we were supposed to be there.  So in a month, we’ll be moving! Oh and I forgot to mention that it’s cheaper rent, plus my wife will be watching my niece and nephew which will pay for most of that rent! I’ll still be able to do the small bit of contract work from there and everything! God is awesome! So that’s what’s going on!

Too much and not enough..

I guess since this is my blog, that gives me the right to rant and rave the things that are going on in this moment. Right now is just a crazy crazy time in our (me and my family) lives. I’m trying to work from home, which has it’s ups and downs..The first down is that I’m not in the office of the person that I work for, which seems to make her forget to PAY ME. I know that I need to be patient, because she’s waiting on money from the contractors that she’s “subbing” under, and so there’s “no money” for her to pay me. So I just keep biting my tongue, and my lip, and all of that, and waiting..and waiting..and waiting. So going back to the title..this one is Too much work, not enough pay..

The second thing that I’m trying to work out is that the work that I have, even if I was getting paid, could end at any time, and due to this wonderful “OBAMAnation” that we live in, it’s not looking like there’s going to be any hope of any architecture work coming my way any time soon.  So now I’m trying to decide on going back to school or not. Well I guess I have made my mind up that I do want to go back to school. I’ve found that the Lord has blessed me with the ability to design some bands artwork for CD’s and Myspace pages and such, but I would like a little bit of schooling under my belt to help me with the web side of things. I can draw pretty pictures in photoshop all day long, but if I don’t understand the way to put them on the web the way that I want them, what use is it?? So as for now I’ve applied and been accepted to two online schools, Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and ITT Tech. I’ve also checked out just today the American InterContinental University. I’ve got a friend that is going there, hoping that she’ll be able to give me some incite since she’s taking the same exact class that I’m looking at. It’s cheaper and a bachelor’s degree instead of just an associates…hmm..So this one is Too many choices, not enough money..but I guess that’s what loans and grants are for..

The last one is just something that’s frustrating. I work from home, but I just sometimes feel bad cause I am here, yet I can’t spend time with my family. I know I’ve gotta get work done, but it’s really tempting to just go hang out with them and do nothing. I also feel bad cause there are times that I get really involved in one project or another and my kiddos will pop their cute little heads in the door where I’m at and I’ll just tell them that I’m too busy and to go play. Then when I’m done with work, I still don’t take the time to really play with them..ugh. Too much selfish..not enough being a real dad..THIS ONE I REALLY NEED TO FIX.

I guess in the long run, I should do what I know I need to do which is to seek God and His infinite wisdom, and experience, and learn how to better manage my time, and figure out exactly where He wants me to be and what He wants me to do. I have learned (through my pastor) that I need to just seek God to seek God, not for just selfish motives like “Where am I supposed to be??” or “What should I be doing?” but just look at Him in His glory and magnificence and just love Him. It’s so amazing how God will take my silly rants and raves on here and always correct me while I do it. He’s so awesome. Sometimes you just need to “see it for yourself”.. Thanks Lord. Maybe I should re-label this one. Too much ME..not enough JESUS..